Schlagwort: Kalle

Kalle from the block

Das Bild zeigt Kalle, einen ehemaligen Straßenhund aus Rumanien.

Two years ago, a scruffy little soul entered our life – and changed everything. Kalle – formerly known as „Stuppi“ – came all the way from Romania, where he had lived as a stray-dog on the streets of Bistrița, carrying the weight of a difficult past. The road to our connection wasn’t easy; it was a journey of patience, persistence and perseverance.

When Kalle first arrived in Berlin, his eyes were anxious and sad, his body held a hint of fear and uncertainty. After a 14-hour journey from Romania, he stayed for two days on the couch, holding on tight to a small Teddy between his paws. He was exhausted and underweight and his right ear a little chopped. We don’t know (and still don’t) what had happened to him. In those early days, I often wondered if we would ever truly bond, if he would ever feel safe and at ease in his new home. He needed an anchor, and often I wasn’t sure if we were able to be his safe haven. Both of us never owned a dog before; we were probably as insecure as Kalle.