What I do (Services)

At Stories I Tell To Strangers I offer a wide array of services to my clients. Every client needs something different, so the first step is always to get an idea about the project demands and the way we can approach them best. Here are some of the most important services I can offer to my clients.

Content creation — I love to tell a good story and I can help you to tell yours! I create all kinds of content – for your website, blog, online magazine or print brochures, white papers and book material.

UX / UI Design —It’s more important than ever to have a modern, mobile-optimized web presence, so I would love to help you to create one. 

Branding — It’s most important for me, that you are happy with your brand. Your brand should carry the message that you want to bring to your customers.

Marketing Strategy — To bring your business to the next step, I will create an entire marketing campaign for you that suits your needs – across various on- and offline channels.

Public Relations — To get your business into the media, I will create a convincing a PR strategy that will get your business the attention it deserves.